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n, Treat & Protect - The 3 'Musts' Of Wound Care

 by: News Canada

(NC)-A recent Ipsos-Reid survey indicated that an overwhelming majority of Canadians have a lot to learn when it comes to treating minor wounds. A staggering 88 per cent of Canadians incorrectly believe that a wound heals best when left uncovered to 'breathe' or air out, and 92 per cent mistakenly think scabs are a healthy part of the healing process.

"The best way to protect a wound is to cover it with a bandage until fully healed. Bandages that absorb a wounds fluid and maintain a natural moisture balance are ideal for healing and enables skin cells to migrate together to form new tissue," says Dr. Kevin C. Moran, Scarborough General Hospital. "Letting a wound scab actually slows this process and can lead to unsightly scars and increased discomfort and pain, especially for children."

The results of the survey should help to dispel the myths held by millions of Canadians and shed light on the proper procedures to follow when caring for minor cuts and scrapes. Following BAND-AID® Brand's easy-to-remember "Clean, Treat & Protect" regimen will help maximize the healing process.

Clean, Treat & Protect calls for all minor wounds to be thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic wash as soon as possible to remove dirt, then treated with an antibiotic ointment to stave off possible infection and lastly protected with a bandage until the wound is fully healed. According to the survey, 56 per cent of Canadians do not clean their wounds with an antiseptic wash and only half (50 per cent) even bother to apply a bandage.

"No matter how small the cut, Canadians need to be educated about proper wound care procedures and understand that it is essential in minimizing the risk of infection," says Moran. "With summer being the time of year when minor wounds are most prevalent, as children and adults alike become more physically active, the news comes at the right time."

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